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Gumnut Baby Ballet and Blossom Ballet are the perfect classical ballet introduction classes for your two- or three-year-old.

Grab your instruments for a loud bang and stomp parade! Hush for the pitter-patter tip-toe through the enchanted garden. Giggle with the sillies as we search for naughty fairies, pop bubbles, catch balloons and roam through obstacle adventures with the beloved characters of May Gibbs!

Each lesson is a carefully-choreographed flight through the joy and wonder of dance, all designed to lay early ballet foundations. Our warm and vibrant teachers are passionate about story-telling, and love facilitating play. We strive to nurture and praise every child, in every single class we teach – giving them the gift of ballet, each and every lesson.

Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet

Imagine an empty studio, holding its breath, about to be filled with friends, fun and focus. The gentle sound of ballet-slippered-feet fills the space, as young dancers take their positions in line. Backs tall, legs stretched, arms strong and graceful. Eyes sparkling: encouraged, engaged and enthusiastic.

These young dancers are at the perfect age to develop and build the foundations they will need to take them through their dancing days with us – and beyond.

They’ll adore learning new steps, as well as mastering more complex routines. They’ll also have the chance to hone valuable life skills, including participation, problem-solving, pattern recognition, rigour and dedication.

Our qualified teachers are committed to fostering these precious young minds, sharing with and inspiring students with their passion for dance, movement, music and the arts.

Grades One and Two

Every child is precious to us, and we mentor each and every one; we strive at all times to provide a caring environment for our students, built on mutual trust and inspiration. Ballet at Feat Theatre is a non-competitive space, in which we overcome obstacles together, and encourage one another to celebrate our successes.

The world-renowned Cecchetti Syllabus (in accordance with which prima ballerina Anna Pavlova was trained!) is a beautifully-expressive, lyrical and theatrical form of classical ballet. Our classes are soundly adapted to meet the needs of the modern-day child, while adhering to safe dance practise at all times.

Beginning the Cecchetti work is a very special time in a dancer’s life, during which they are encouraged to cultivate diligence, in an inspiring and rewarding environment – striving for excellence alongside individuals who share their passion for self-expression through dance.

We are told time and again how our classes facilitate elevated levels of confidence, courage and creativity in our cherished young dancers, as well as providing a platform for students to make life-long friendships, and provide each other with mutual support. We cherish every one of our budding ballerinas, and welcome all aspiring dancers in to our ballet school family.

Plus, Ballet at Feat Theatre hosts an exciting calendar of events, each providing a space in which students and families can gather, and enjoy one another’s company outside of the dance studio.

Jazz: Levels One and Two

Think Fred Astaire, Broadway musical, old-school James Brown, Parliament and Funkadelic; an eclectic mix of the greatest, grooviest music, curetted thoughtfully and lovingly, in order to get the entire body, mind and soul dancing! (Honestly, no one can sit still during jazz class…)

Nurturing the appreciation of different types of music while providing a platform through which students may express themselves while moving to music, is what makes jazz class one of the most effective releases – and an absolute gift of freedom of form.

Children always look forward to jazz class, and skip with glee in and out of the studio. Since our jazz classes are designed as an optional extra for those studying ballet with us, the program allows students to use the speed, balance and agility cultivated during ballet class and adapt it to any style of dance – giving their jazz that extra pizzazz!


At home your child’s bedroom door is closed and there’s a song blasting away on repeat. An angry teenager, perhaps? Or rather; an inspired young leader with sharpened focus, diligently striving to complete his/her first ever masterpiece. The story is all their own, the themes emanate from their heart, catching a glimpse of their creation is like a window to their soul. You smile to your beloved, “Our child is just so talented”. But you also know that they’re cultivating more than talent alone in choreography class. They’re cultivating strength of character, assertiveness, the ability to set concrete goals and see them through, the ability to commit to their own health, wellbeing and individual expression. The ability to be specific and smart in their vision and guide others toward realising that vision, all with joy, curiosity and good humour. You know that by studying choreography your child is growing up with tools that will fuel her direction and capabilities to set her/his mind to anything they choose and achieve.

Jazz: Adult Classes (coming soon!)

So many of our ballet school family parents have told us they wish they could join in their child’s jazz class (as it always looks like so much fun!). Therefore, we are currently developing – by popular demand – a brand-new jazz class specifically for adults.

No matter your experience (from the out-of-practise right through to the never-practised!), please feel free to contact us to express your interest in our imminent adult jazz classes, and we will be sure to give you a bell when we are taking enrolments.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this space for more details!

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