Actor Training


An all-encompassing 8 Week Acting Intensive that offers beginners and intermediate actors from 16 years up, a complete approach to every aspect of working in the professional Australian industry.

Covering physical preparation for performance, vocal training, ‘Method’ acting techniques, Laban, improvisation, script analysis, audition preparation, monologues, scene studies, with a view to the actors learning and presenting their own audition pieces; this course will give any actor the confidence to walk into any audition fully prepared !

The 8 Week Acting Intensive is perfect for :

* Actors planning to audition for drama school
* Inexperienced actors wanting to learn about technique
* Actors wanting to make a start in the industry
* Actors wanting to learn how to prepare better for auditions
* Working actors who are looking to polish their skills

8 weeks 2 hours per week – $300

Actor Training

KARLIS ZAID – Teacher / Director / Mentor

Karlis has been acting for over 30 years in all performance mediums, since his professional debut as The Artful Dodger in the musical Oliver. He has taught, directed and mentored junior, secondary and tertiary acting students, music theatre students, and also privately one-on-one, since graduating from The Victorian College Of The Arts School of Drama in 2003. Karlis has also trained extensively at The Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS, Sydney) and The Actors’ Centre (London) He has a valid WWC.

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Actor Training

Based on his 40 years training actors and directing theatre and drawing on his research of western contemporary and traditional Asian performance training practices Draf will hold an acting intensive over two weekends.

The intensive will explore a highly practical approach for actors /directors / theatre makers using a chosen text to find deeper and authentic performance underpinned by resilience and rigor.

The class will involvework with Impulse, Jo Ha Kyu, Gong Feng Shui 工風水, Jing Chi Shen精氣精,Chuàng Zào創造, and “the echo in the empty valley”. The process will work physically across the two hemispheres of the brain. The aim of the intensive is not to commit to one orthodoxy of performance but to allow the artist to work simply with freedom and with absolute control; to inspire the artists to strengthen their own practice.

“Never forget the mind of the beginner (Zeami)
Zeami’s challenge to artists is not about returning to or being a beginner but being in the moment of beginning; a moment in time and space where every unfolding moment is a creative beginning. A living experience where one is confortable on the edge of the unknown and the body is embedded and engaged rhythmically, corporeally and kinaesthetically through the imagination”…Draf


Successful applicants will be sent text material before intensive after $150 deposit.

TIMES – TBC – More info available soon.

• Apply
• Applications finish 23th February,
• Applications should give contact details, email & phone
• Supply CV of relevant training/experiences
• Successful applicants will be informed before 24thth February
• 14Limited places are available.

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