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A swift paced, invigorating and uplifting mat work class for able bodies with some Pilates experience and no injuries. This is a group led class with a maximum of 12 people. Lots of abdominals, minimum pauses, some cardio thrown in, along with balance work and dynamic stability challenges designed for all over maintenance and upping your well-being levels for your mind, body and spirit! Let’s sweat with a smile and suck up that collective group energy! You’ll leave feeling happily looser, taller, stronger and more centered, practically floating out our studio doors!

Rehab Mat

New to Pilates? Bad back? Pregnant? Knee reconstruction? Physio recommended Pilates might be the cure?

Rehab mat classes are wonderful for absolutely anyone as you get the one on one attention and individual programming your body needs.

Maximum group size of six ensures lots of personal attention and focus as your particular needs are addressed and we work toward progression with your goals clear in our minds at all times. Lots of props are used at assistance and for feedback and support. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your body’s unique habits and a fantastic repertoire of movements you can do at home or at work that are just what your body craves!

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