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How do book and pay for classes?Pilates Web #2

After your free trial our Pilates bookings are managed by Mindbody Online. You can book all your classes in advance, or week by week if you need something more flexible. Click the button below to download the free App.

Feat Pilates currently offer 6 or 12 week blocks of classes. These can be booked and paid for through the Mindbody online App or on the Mindbody website. Just create an account, and start booking your classes. When your block of classes is set to expire Mindbody will ask you if you would like to buy another one. It’s that easy.

Click this link to visit the Mindbody website.

Or follow this link to go direct to the bookings page.

If you would prefer to pay by direct debit please contact us and we will arrange it for you.

What do I wear?

Wear form fitting clothing that is comfortable so the instructor can see the line of the body. For hygiene reasons every student must wear clean socks for class.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a water bottle and if you tend to sweat, bring a towel.

How are classes structured? What can I expect?

Follow this link to our classes page.

Do I have to be fit?Pilates Web #3

No. Pilates is for everyone. From the elderly to the elite athlete or dancer. From a young teenager to a new mother. Everyone can benefit from Pilates, we all need strength, stability and efficiency of movement. It’s something that can never be fully mastered or obtained so the next challenge is always around the corner to look forward to and all classes are focused on clients progressing and meeting their goals.

Is it like yoga?

While there are a few exercises that might cross over with yoga, the Pilates focus is very different. Pilates looks at skeletal alignment and aims to bring balance back to the body. It works on creating true support from the deepest muscle layers of the body and then combining that with dynamic flowing movements. It prepares us for our day to day active lives the way cross training prepares an athlete or dancer for performance.

Is it just stretching?

Not at all. Pilates is focused on dynamic movements in all ranges of motion and for all skill/strength levels. The muscles are a like a pulley system, though so when one muscle contracts the opposite muscle group will lengthen. It’s about how this balance is performed and controlled that Pilates focuses on. Efficiency and purity of movement. Creating stability and strength. Retraining the body correct habits and muscle recruitment control for specific movements.

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